"free" beer then, right?

...which is the reason for all of these waffles in my socks.


Building a 3' mini ramp in my backyard this weekend. I've already got the transition cut out for one of the templates (6'). Mellow rockin' shall be had. Might not be by me though...mines more of a mellow smooth jazz. Syyyyke. I'm going to rip this mother flipper.


check out our backyard..


I have become one of them. The ones that I consistently bag on annually for either wanting to or actually taking part in gearing up for a holiday before a subsequent holiday has even occurred. In short,  I want to put up a fucking Christmas tree. Like now. 

I figured out how to get pics and vid on so you know. 


so i was thinking about this old blog thing recently and i kind of felt like writing on it again. so i may. you can add video now?...whoa. time keeps on slippin' slippin' slippin'...
things are quite different than they were a few years ago. i'm married, i'm living in the woods in the new england area, and...drum roll...i no longer sling the coffee. that said, my sarcasm still thrives and my noggin' is still weird, so that should make for some interesting things to come.


I love watching this. Let him 'splain it to ya.


it's snowing like crazy outside and it looks really nice. must be about a half foot deep by now. i think i'm going to buy as much firewood as i can to fill up the back of my van. this will serve two or more purposes. 1) even weight distribution for driving in snowy weather such as this. 2) i'll be able to fire up a campfire at the drop of a hat. well...3) my intention with this camper van is to have it already loaded up with literally everything that i would need to go camping at any random time, all the time. say i was pulling out of the parking lot after a hard days work and i had the next day or two off when suddenly the urge hit. make a left down the road and head straight for the woods. no stops necessary. including firewood and food. it has a fridge and a stove. that thing kicks so much ass that if it were to kick any more ass than it already kicks, asses would be kicked so much that the actual term "kick ass" would lose a rather large portion of it's forceful meaning.